Club & School Fleet

Club aircraft come in all sizes and budgets. Cessna 172s are pefect for training and local flights. Cruise to your next meeting in the Cirrus or Bonanza or take the whole family in the Lance, Aztec or Baron.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

FlyCarolina’s seven Cessna 172s are nicely equipped trainers that are available at all training locations primarily used for student pilot & instrument training and light travel.

  • 115 knots max cruise
  • ALL are IFR Garmin 430 GPS equipped
  • 4-seat fixed gear
  • Starts at $69 per hour dry
  • Available at all FlyCarolina locations

Piper T-tail Arrow

This Piper is the perfect low wing aircraft for the pilot transitioning to complex retractable gear aircraft. Excellent cross country IFR platform for longer trips.

  • Garmin 430WAAS
  • 2-Axis Autopilot
  • HSI equipped
  • New Leather Interior
  • $145 per hour wet
  • Based in Rock Hill

Cessna Cutlass 172RG

This retractable gear Cessna is the perfect “step up” aircraft for the pilot transitioning to complex high wing aircraft.

  • 130 knot cruise
  • Garmin 430WAAS
  • XM weather
  • Leather interior
  • $95/hour dry
  • Based in Concord & Monroe

Piper Lance

The Lance is an excellent aircraft that seats up to six known for its combination of speed (150 knots) and load hauling capability. This aircraft is ideal for family vacations and has beautiful paint and interior.

  • Garmin G500 w/Altitude Preselect
  • Garmin GTN 750 GPS/NAV/Comm
  • Garmin GDL-88 ADSB receiver
  • Garmin Flight Stream 210 (connect your iPad to the plane's avionics)
  • Garmin 330 transponder
  • Garmin 35 Audio Panel
  • Garmin GNS-430W
  • STEC-55X w/Autotrim and Altitude Preselect via G-500
  • JPI EDM-700

Beech V-Tail Bonanza

Beechcraft’s legendary V-Tail is a great traveling pilot’s aircraft with excellent speed (170 knots) and range in a comfortable cabin with room for four people and bags.

  • Garmin dual WAAS Avionics
  • XM Weather/Traffic
  • 2 axis Autopilot
  • 4-5 passengers
  • Based in Monroe

Cirrus SR22

The Cirrus aircraft is the most advanced single-engine aircraft ever made and is perfect for up to four people for regional travel. This aircraft features a built-in aircraft parachute system for added safety.

  • 175 knot cruise
  • Garmin WAAS
  • XM Weather/Traffic
  • 700 mile range
  • Based in Rock Hill and Concord

Piper Aztec E

Piper’s Aztec is one of the best light twins when it comes to both utility and performance. It can carry up to six adults and all their bags with its 2000 pound payload. The Aztec is respected for its load carrying capacity, stability, short-field performance.

  • 175 knot cruise
  • Dual Garmin WAAS
  • ADS-B Weather & Traffic
  • 700 mile range
  • Aspen Pro 1000 PFD
  • Flight Into Known Ice (FIKI)
  • Based in Concord

Beech 58 Baron

Beechcraft’s Baron sets the world’s standard for the light twin prop category. This aircraft is the perfect balance of twin-engine safety and performance for regional travel with an ideal sized six-place cabin plus bags.

  • 185 knot cruise
  • Garmin 430WAAS
  • XM Weather/Traffic
  • 750 mile range
  • Up to 6 passengers in club seating

Redbird FMX Simulator

The cheapest and safest way to learn how to fly. At $89/hour, (Or $80 if 5 or more hours are purchased) or $119 for introductory flight.We can simulate anything from an IFR equipped Cessna Skyhawk, Cirrus SR20, or a Piper Seneca. The simulator can be also used for all proficiency hours, as well 50 hours towards your commercial license.

  • FAA Approved Flight Training Device: suitable for building time towards your instrument rating
  • $189 for instrument proficiency Clinic. Includes one hour of ground instruction, and one hour of flying in the simulator.
  • Located in our Rock Hill FBO

Redbird FMX Simulator

The safest way to become proficient at flying in crosswind conditions. No need to waste precious time waiting for crosswind conditions. Have the winds come to you! Passing our two hour clinic will also give you a 5% insurance discount with Avemco! Fly with an instructor after the clinic for a proficiency test and receive an additional 5% off.

  • Master Crosswind conditions
  • Clinic costs $179, consists of 2 hour ground school and 1 hour of flying the Redbird Xwind SE. Or $69 per individual hour
  • Located in our Rock Hill FBO